Inspired Github theme for PHPStorm

by Jeffrey van Rossum

Since a couple of days I have been trying out PHPStorm. So far I really like it, but I notice that for quick changes I tend to refer back to Visual Studio Code.

However, since using PHPStorm I wasn’t able to find my favorite VSC theme called Inspired Github. It’s a light theme, that I was introduced to through Taylor Otwell‘s post on Medium.

A light theme, you say?

Yes, I am one of those people who likes to program in a light theme. Apparently, that is considered odd by some:

I’m with @freekmurze on this one.

If ( not exists ) create yourself();

I did find a theme called Github Remixed that came somewhat close to what I was looking for. I used it as a starting point and modified some of the colors and font (Operator Mono).

Inspired Github

If you like this theme too, you can find the version I use on Github. There is probably room for improvement. Please feel free to contribute!


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