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2022 Year in review
As the end of the year is nearing (time sure went fast), it is time to look back and ahead to the coming year. Previous editions: 2020,
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A new website design
If you have visited my site before, you may have noticed that it has had a fresh coat of paint. I'm very happy with how things turned out! Why I could type a whole lot of words, but an image might say enough. This was...
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2021 year in review
Today is January 1st of 2022 and as 2021 is now officially over, it's time to - like last year - look back a bit and review the past year. Second year of working for...
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2020 year in review
Most posts on this website are quite technical in nature. This post will be a little different, no code snippets this time. This will be my first year in review (or recap) post. A lot has happened in 2020 and I would like to look back...
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A Tailwind boilerplate for WordPress
For years I have been developing custom WordPress themes, mostly with Bootstrap (3 and later 4). But around a year ago, I started using TailwindCSS instead. I first got familiar with Tailwind...
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