Introducing Gravity Forms Send to API

by Jeffrey van Rossum

This week I'm launching my first non open-source WordPress plugin. This plugin is an add-on for the popular form builder plugin Gravity Forms and is called Send to API.

Gravity Forms has a lot of add-ons that allow you to send form entry data to external services, such as MailChimp. However, not every service has an add-on. So what if you would like to send entry data to such a service?

Since every now and then I run into this myself, I thought: why not make an add-on for this? So that's exactly what I did. With the add-on, you can create feeds where you can enter an API-endpoint, choose an authentication method and map the form fields based on what the API expects to receive.

Check out the video below for a demo.

For more information, check out the product page. Make sure to use the code BLOGREADER for a 10 percent discount (limited time). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


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Replied by Jeffrey van Rossum
You can submit nested values to the API, see screenshot for an example
Replied by 🌅
(Also an FYI: the contact form on your website returns 500 upon sending the message) ☚ī¸
Replied by Jeffrey van Rossum
Thanks for letting me know! Is fixed now
Replied by 🌅
Thanks a lot!
Replied by 🌅
Quick question about the plugin: does it support nested JSONs?
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