Send to API v1.3.0 is now available

by Jeffrey van Rossum

Today version 1.3.0 of the Send to API add-on for Gravity Forms is released. This is update contains a couple of nice new features.

Resending entries

Some users suggested this feature and I think it's a good addition to the plugin. You are now able to resend entries to the API('s). It works the same way as Gravity Forms allows you to resend form notifications.

Merge tag manipulations

This is actually a quite powerful new feature. You can now manipulate merge tag values before you send them to your API.

Need to uppercase a something? Simply: {gfsta_manipulation value="{FirstName:3}" uppercase}

Say you need to send an image of a signature as base64 encoded string. The Gravity Forms Signature add-on will allow you to add the signature field, but only provides a URL of the image afterwards.

Now, in the body, you can add a merge tag that base64 encodes this image like so:

{gfsta_manipulation value="{Signature:3}" base64_encode="url"}

These manipulations will also work on merge tags created from the API response. If you want, for example, to only get the last name of a full name value:

{gfsta_full_name split_get="1| "}

Or get the longitude of a value that holds the lat/long values comma seperated:

{gfsta_coordinates split_get="last|,"}

The full list of manipulations:

Manipulation Description Example
uppercase Uppercase a value {gfsta_first_name uppercase}
lowercase Lowercase a value {gfsta_first_name lowercase}
date_format Format a date value {gfsta_created_at date_format="Y-m-d"}
split_get Split and then get a value {gfsta_coordinates split_get="0|,"} where 0 is the index and , the seperator. As index, you can also pass first or last
base64_encode Base64 encode a value {gfsta_image base64_encode} or for a URL input {gfsta_image base64_encode="url"}
manipulation You can use this to manipulate other merge tag values. You need to set the value first. {gfsta_manipulate value="{FirstName:3}"} uppercase}

More detailed logging options

Earlier, when you have Logging enabled in Gravity Forms, the addon already logged information. However, optionally, you can now also log the headers, body and response of a request. This comes in handy when, for example, you need to check if everything is properly formatted when send to an API.

In closing

All in all I'm very happy with this release and I hope you are too. To find out more about the add-on or to purchase it, check out the product page.


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