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How to validate object ownership in Laravel
There are several ways in which you can determine if a user owns an object in your Laravel application. This post will give you a couple of examples how you could implement this check within your form request validations.
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Inspired Github theme for PHPStorm
Since a couple of days I have been trying out PHPStorm. So far I really like it, but I notice that for quick changes I tend to refer back to Visual Studio Code. However, since using PHPStorm I wasn’t able to find my favorite...
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Invoicing with Addrow
A couple of days ago I’ve made Addrow publicly available. Addrow is an app to make invoicing simple and even a little fun again. It has been a quiet launch for now, as I’m still tweaking some...
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Using ngrok with Laravel
If you like to temporarily expose your local development environment, you can do this with ngrok. If you use Laravel Valet for development, you already have ngrok...
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