A video walk-through of Addrow and future plans

by Jeffrey van Rossum

In August last year, I introduced Addrow for the first time. Addrow is an invoicing web application which aims to make invoicing as simple as possible. Since then several improvements have been made, and features have been added.

What's new

In general, most changes since August have been aimed at improving the settings pages. It is now more organized and all options are provided with an explanation. Some new options include switching currency, alter the date and price formatting and changing the invoice font family.

Other things that have been added, are an export to CSV (Excel) function, the ability to mark the invoice VAT as shifted and a global search function that allows you to search invoices, customers and profiles.

Additionally there is now an API in beta, which allows you to integrate third parties with Addrow.

In this video I will walk you through Addrow's settings and we'll make an invoice.

What's next

This year I will continue on improving Addrow even more. I've had several suggestions of users and I'm considering adding an option to manage expenses. Another thing that has been requested, is recurring invoices which would allow you to configure an invoice on an interval basis. This can be helpful if you sell subscriptions.

I will also spend time to get the API out of beta and further improve the documentation.

In closing

I am really happy with the usage of Addrow at the moment. There are several users on both the free and paid plan, and that really motivates me to keep working hard on it. I will keep you updated on the progress through this blog.

If you have questions about Addrow, feel free to contact me by email or on Twitter.


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