Made for open source with Laravel, Livewire, Alpine.js, Tailwind CSS
DropBlockEditor is an open source package block editor made with and for Laravel Livewire.
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Made for Lewiens with WordPress, Tailwind CSS
Portfolio and blog website for Lewiens. Photographer, Filmmaker and Storyteller.
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Easy Liveblogs
Made for open source with WordPress
Easy Liveblogs is an open-source plugin for WordPress which aims to allow people to easily add liveblogs to their site.
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Made for open source with WordPress, Tailwind CSS
A starter theme for WordPress that provides you with a handy Tailwind CSS optimized setup. Initially made to speed my own development process and later made publicly available on GitHub.
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Made for with Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Livewire is an invoicing application made with Laravel. It's aim is to make invoicing simple.
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Made for De Voetbaltrainer / Eisma Media Groep with Laravel, Bootstrap 4, jQuery
TrainingsPlanner is an application for soccer coaches, that provides them with exercise and training materials, maintain a schedule and more.
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