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Introducing Easy Liveblogs
I’m very happy to announce that today, I published the Easy Liveblogs plugin on It’s a free WordPress plugin that provides your WordPress site with the ability to turn any post into a liveblog. Liveblogs are a...
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Making WordPress passwords work in Laravel
When you are exporting WordPress users to a Laravel Application, you’ll notice that the hashed password from WordPress will not authenticate in Laravel. Now instead of your users having to reset the password, you can follow the...
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Localization with Framework7 and Vue
While creating an app with Framework7, I wanted to be able to localize strings to support other languages. I found the Vue I18n package, and it is actually quite easy to apply to a Framework7 Vue project. Below you’ll find the...
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Using policies in Lumen
Recently I’ve been using Lumen, basically a micro version of Laravel, to set up a REST API. I have been using the jwt-auth package from tymondesigns to be able to facilitate token based authentication. In Laravel there is a...
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